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Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

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Keyword: Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

The raw water flows under pressure in the outside of the hollow fiber or in the inner cavity and constitutes an external pressure type and an internal pressure type, respectively. Ultrafiltration is a dynamic filtration process. Retained substances can be eliminated with the concentrated water without blocking the membrane surface and allowing continuous operation over a long period of time. Ultrafiltration membrane is one of the earliest developed polymer separation membranes.

Ultrafiltration technology is widely used in water purification, solution separation, concentration, and extraction of useful substances from wastewater, and high-tech in the field of wastewater purification and reuse. Features are simple to use, no heating, energy saving, low pressure operation, and small footprint.

1. The filtration process is carried out at room temperature, and the conditions are mild without component destruction, so it is particularly suitable for the separation, grading, concentration and enrichment of heat-sensitive substances such as drugs, enzymes, juices, and the like.

2. The filtration process does not occur phase change, no heating, low energy consumption, no need to add chemical reagents, no pollution, is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly separation technology.

3. Ultrafiltration technology has high separation efficiency, and it is very effective for recovery of trace components in dilute solutions and concentration of low concentration solutions.

4. The ultrafiltration process only uses pressure as the membrane separation power, so the separation device is simple, the flow is short, the operation is simple, and it is easy to control and maintain.

Conservation methods
1. Raw water uses fungicides to kill bacteria and microorganisms. Maintain the appropriate amount of residual chlorine;

2.Pre-filtering to remove solid particle suspension, when the colloid content is high, using flocculation precipitation pretreatment;

3. Regular backwash flushing, regular chemical flushing;

4. Dynamic filtration, discharge of concentrated water, recovery ratio depending on the quality of raw water;

5. Slowly buck pressure to prevent impact.

Mainly used for ultrafiltration water purifiers. The commonly used direct drink machine uses ultrafiltration technology.

Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is widely used in the preparation of mineral water for its special properties; pretreatment of reverse osmosis equipment; purification of tap water; pretreatment of seawater desalination; purification of wastewater reuse; removal of colloids and bacteria in water; filtration In addition to the large molecular weight impurities, proteins and polysaccharides in the Chinese herbal extracts, Chinese medicine preparations were finally prepared; the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicines were concentrated, and the moisture and small molecular weight impurities in the liquors were filtered out; the low-grade liquor was degreased and sterilized; the fruit wine, beer, and Refinement of other alcohols; purification of tea juice, preparation of concentrated tea; injection, large infusion heat removal; concentration of human serum.

1. The advanced treatment and reuse of wastewater and the treatment of production process water in municipal, power, iron and steel, petrochemical, textile and food industries;

2. Municipal water purification treatment;

3, seawater desalination and reverse osmosis system pretreatment;

4. Purification, concentration and separation of food and biopharmaceuticals.

Service life
1. High-quality ultrafiltration membrane module, with no pressure drop, no defect in pore size, and smooth membrane surface.

2. The correct process, ultrafiltration devices, especially large devices, must have back-flushing, rapid flushing, chemical flushing, and flushing and other lines and automatic control systems. The kind of one-in-one and two-out simple piping system, although the equipment cost is the lowest, it will seriously affect the service life of the film.

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