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What is the effect of ultrafiltration membrane in water purifier?

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Keyword: What is the effect of ultrafiltration membrane in water purifier?

Ultrafiltration (UF) is a membrane process between microfiltration and nanofiltration with membrane pore sizes between 0.05 um and 1000 um. Ultrafiltration is a membrane separation technology that can purify, separate, and concentrate solutions. Ultrafiltration can often be understood as a screening process that is related to membrane pore size. The pressure difference between the two sides of the membrane is the driving force, and the ultrafiltration membrane is used as the filter medium. Under a certain pressure, when the water flows over the membrane surface, only water and small molecules with smaller pore diameters are allowed to pass, and the solution is purified. , separation, concentration purposes.

For ultrafiltration, the retention characteristics of the membrane are characterized by the molecular weight cut-off of standard organics. Usually, the molecular weight cut-off ranges from 1000 to 300,000. Therefore, the ultrafiltration membrane can react with macromolecule organics (eg, proteins, bacteria), colloids, and suspended solids. Separation, etc., are widely used in clarification of feed liquids, separation and purification of macromolecular organics, and heat removal sources.

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