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Teach you how to install ultrafiltration membrane filter

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Keyword: Teach you how to install ultrafiltration membrane filter

With the continuous development of social economy, the problem of social pollution has become more and more serious. Water pollution has affected our normal life. To ensure that they can drink healthy and pure water, many families choose to install water purification equipment at home. There are more and more kinds of water purifiers, of which the most choice is the water purifier that needs to install an ultrafiltration membrane filter, because this filter cartridge has a high packing density, good pressure resistance, and high filtration accuracy. Let's take a look at how this ultrafiltration membrane cartridge is installed.

How to install ultrafiltration membrane filter

The first step: Connect the two-way inlet valve to the water pipe. Close the tap water and start the installation procedure. First, connect the two-way inlet ball valve to the water pipe. It is best to wrap raw tape to prevent water leakage.

The second step: One end of the PE pipe is connected to the tap water pipe, and the other end is connected to the ultrafiltration water purifier. In the process of linking, it is necessary to pay attention to the linking to prevent the occurrence of water leakage; the second is to pay attention to the length of the PE pipe, which cannot be kept too long, and it is not easy to keep it too short. It is appropriate according to the actual situation.

The third step is to remove the three plugs of the energy machine and link the PE pipes. In the process of linking, it is necessary to pay attention to the blue card and the energy machine card to avoid water leakage due to water pressure and other reasons.

The fourth step: the link of the waste valve. In the process of linking the waste water valve, the length of the PE pipe should also be taken care of. In addition, the blue buckle must be stuck in order to prevent water leakage.

Step 5: Installation of gooseneck faucet. When installing the gooseneck faucet, pay attention to the fixing of the screws to avoid loosening in the future.

Step 6: Link the water purification outlet of the ultrafiltration water purifier with the gooseneck mixer. The link is a 3-point PE pipe link. The linking PE pipe should not be too long. Pay attention to the two interfaces and do not loose the connection.

Step 7: Find the water content first, then open the water valve to rinse. During the flushing process, attention should be paid to observe changes in water quality and check for leaks. If you have to deal with it in time.

Step 8: Rinse for about 10-20 minutes until clear water appears. Although it was clear water at the beginning, it is recommended that you do not drink or boil it.

The correct installation of the filter element is also an important step to ensure effective filtration of the water source, so it is very important to learn the correct installation. Through the introduction we learned that there are four different types of interfaces for UF filter cartridges. For each of the different types of interfaces, we have learned how to install it, and the operation is very simple. As long as you follow the above steps you can easily complete. Learned to install ultrafiltration membrane filter, then we can then drink pure water.

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