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The difference between pure water and ultrafiltration

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Keyword: The difference between pure water and ultrafiltration

Water purifiers are mainly divided into two categories.

One type is called pure water machine, equipped with RO reverse osmosis membrane, which produces purified water.

The origin of reverse osmosis membranes is the purification of seawater. The quality of purified water can reach the standard of pure water. In other words, all the water quality, whether it is harmful substances or beneficial mineral ions, is completely removed. The purified water contains only water molecules, and it reaches the standard of drinking pure drinking water. The reverse osmosis RO membrane filtration accuracy of pure water purifier is as high as 0.0001 micron, and the desalination index reaches 96%, which is suitable for home drinking water in areas with serious water pollution.

The other is called ultrafiltration machine, which is equipped with ultrafiltration membrane, which is divided into energy machine and kitchen machine according to different purposes. The output is mineral water.

To the pure water filter built-in core membrane using Baer Sheng independent research and development of food-grade hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, filter media purification precision up to 0.01-0.001 microns, can effectively remove the water containing harmful substances or viruses, at the same time It can retain minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to humans in tap water.

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