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Water Purifier Installation Importance

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Keyword: Water Purifier Installation Importance
Water plays an important role in our lives. It is the source of life and one of the indispensable and most important material resources for human survival and development. Various chemical reactions in the human body must also be performed normally with the participation of water.

Therefore, the quality of water directly affects our physical health. Water purifiers add a threshold to the water we drink, filter harmful substances, and keep us healthy.

Most diseases are caused by drinking water
The lack of water in the human body causes many diseases, and some diseases are caused by "water" problems such as constipation, asthma, high blood pressure, obesity, acne, arterial vascular disease, and even cancer. Therefore, the quality of water is very important.

Domestic water pollution is still not optimistic
However, the situation is not so optimistic. According to relevant data, China's water pollution is serious now! The monitoring results of 195 cities across the country show that 97% of urban groundwater is polluted to different degrees, and 40% of urban groundwater pollution has been increasing year by year.

Risk of Secondary Pollution in Tap Water
Tap water is treated by various water treatment processes and is drinkable. However, some pipelines have not been repaired for a long time, and there may be secondary pollution: As drinking water from the waterworks is sent to millions of households through the water supply network, it is likely to encounter secondary pollution. For example, the faucets stop water, the accumulation of deposits in the pipes may be impossible, and disinfection may not be thorough. Many residential water towers, water tanks, outdated equipment, and unmanned management are all examples.

 "Bucket water + water dispenser" model is still defective
In addition, the "bucket water + water dispenser" model still has defects, which are manifested in:

1. Fresh and unsafe Bottled water is usually stored for 48 hours. After being stored for too long, it becomes stagnant water. At the same time, bacteria in the air will rapidly multiply in water, especially in relatively closed backwaters. .

2. Uneconomic households use bottled water, which can cost as little as several hundred yuan each year, and as many as thousands of dollars each year. Over time, it is also a considerable expense. The water treatment terminal (water purifier), in addition to the annual replacement of the filter, there is no other cost, the water fee is almost negligible.

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