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Filtration Characteristics and Application of Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane Filter

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Keyword: Filtration Characteristics and Application of Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane Filter

Ultrafiltration membrane is a kind of membrane. It is the most mature and advanced technology in ultrafiltration technology. The raw water flows under pressure in the outside of the hollow fiber or in the inner cavity and constitutes an external pressure type and an internal pressure type, respectively. Ultrafiltration is a dynamic filtration process, and the trapped material can be eliminated with a small concentration, so as not to clog the membrane surface and can be continuously operated for a long period of time. Ultrafiltration membrane is one of the earliest developed polymer separation membranes. 

1, hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane filtration system to be regularly sterilized. TheUltrafiltration membranes can retain bacteria, but they can't kill bacteria, and even the best retention rate of ultrafiltration membranes can't guarantee long-term cleanliness. A bacteria can grow in large numbers. Affected directly through the water quality, there is a semi-transparent filamentous white floc-like fungal mass in the finished mineral water product, mainly due to the contamination of the system with mold. Therefore, the working environment and the filtration system must be periodically sterilized on a regular basis. The sterilization cycle is determined by the quality of the raw water supply. For urban tap water, it is 7 to 10 days in summer, 30 to 40 days in winter, and spring and autumn. 20 to 30 days. When surface water is used as a source of water, the sterilization cycle is shorter. Sterilization drugs can be circulated or soaked for about half an hour with 500-1000 mg/L sodium hypochlorite solution or 1% hydrogen peroxide solution. 

2. The hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane core should be handled with care, and attention should be paid to protection. Since the ultrafiltration module is a precision device, be careful when using and installing it. If the components are disabled, rinse them with clean water and add 0.5% formaldehyde solution for disinfection and seal. If components in winter are to be treated with antifreeze, the components may be scrapped. 

3, The use of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane must read the instructions carefully, in accordance with the ultrafiltration membrane in the water treatment application process. 

4.Because each UF unit adds protection fluid before leaving the factory, thoroughly wash the protection fluid in the module before use. Rinse with low-pressure (0.1MPa) water for 1 hour, and then rinse with high-pressure (0.2MPa) water for 1 hour. The system's water discharge valve should be fully opened at low or high pressure flushing. When using product water, check that the product water does not contain any germicide. 

Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane filter technology is widely used in water purification, solution separation, concentration, and extraction of useful substances from waste water, wastewater purification and reuse of high technology. Features are simple to use, no heating, energy saving, low pressure operation, and small footprint.

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